Split Power Engine

The Split Power Engine is a new era digital combustion engine.  Originally designed specifically for the flying car, the Split Power Engine is designed to also vertically lift multi-passenger air ships, supply rotational force to utilities for electric supply, for business and home backup generators, for portable electricity generation, and for hybrid gas-electric cars and eVTOLs.  50% efficiency means that less fuel is burned, less pollution, and more power (through increased fuel usage but less than current engines).

50% Efficiency

Combustion Engine Overview
Combustion engines are essentially devices in which internally contained explosions are used to create rotational power.  There are essentially 3 main engine types which are in production.  The 4 stroke engine which involves all cars and propeller planes, the turbine engine which involves electricity generators and all jet aircrafts and the Wankel rotary engine in limited applications.  100% efficient engine means that 100% of the potential power trapped in gasoline can be converted into rotational power.  A 100% efficient engine is, more or less, not possible, 86% is considered the maximum theoretical power, 73% is calculated to be a practical limit, while 50%, simple cycle is considered market changing.  Simple cycle means that the exhaust is not used in other ways such as heating a building.  The 4 stroke engine is 25 to 35% efficient, the turbine engine 30 to 40% and the Wankel rotary engine 15 to 25%.  As one can see, moving from 25% to 50% efficiency is a doubling of efficiency.  Such could cut oil consumption in half.

Because vertical aircrafts consume more fuel in takeoff than runway based aircrafts during vertical liftoff, the Split Power Engine’s 50% target efficiency will allow these elevated fuel consumption rates to be neutralized.