With the Office of the United States President now seeking to put into service by 2024 two new aircrafts to serve as Air Force One at a cost of $4 billion, Corporation of Flight is now seeking to introduce a better type of aircraft that will allow the President to take-off and land anywhere.  It is said that the logistics cost of the Marine one helicopters (5 of them) ($2,000 per flight hour), Air Force One (2 of them) $206,337 per flight hour, motorcade and the C5 Galaxy planes used to transport the motorcade and other travel expenditures cost $350 million a year or one fourth of the yearly White House budget.

COF views a vertical takeoff aircraft of 20,000 square feet for the Office of the U.S. President.  Because it can vertically takeoff anywhere, ample space located on the south lawn and south south lawn of the White House is more than adequate.  Since Air Force 1 travels in pairs, one can easily see from the picture below that 2 aircrafts can fit on the south south lawn.  A 20,000 square foot aircraft could be any configuration but taking into account the perimeter fans a roughly 200 x 100’ footprint would exist with the body consiting of a bottom cargo area (-4,000 sq-ft) also Split Power engine area, mainfloor +10,000 sq-feet and top floor (-10,000 sq-feet) .


Current Presidential Flight Logistics
Step 1:  Logistics planning and coordination. 
Step 2:  Exit White House and enter into Marine One helicopter.
Step 3:  Fly to Andrews Air Force Base
Step 4:  Both planes and cargo aircraft carrying Presidential limo, Marine One(s), and supplies fly to destination.
Step 5:  Exit plane and take Presidential limo or Marine One to destination. 

Vertical Takeoff Presidential Logistics
Step 1:  Exit White House and enter into Vertical Takeoff Aircraft located on the south lawn..
Step 2:  Land at destination, or at a field and take onboard Presidential Limo to destination

As one can clearly interpret, an increased level of security, logistics efficiency, operational costs and Presidential time use can be achieved through the use of a vertical aircraft for the Office of the U.S. President.